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Only mature plants are experimented with the crown shape. Young trees have become stronger, the operation will slow their development. It must be remembered that the plant does not buds on clipped shoots. If you really want to see the flowering of a tree, they refuse to trim or transfer to the end of February.

Snow-white fluffy creatures look especially delicate against the background of bright green dense leaves. Flowers and leaves have a pronounced pleasant smell. It rarely blooms at home. But if you try very hard, in the apartment you can create optimal conditions for its flowering:

This is a hygrophilous plant. Watering should be plentiful. During intensive development, the tree is watered up to 4 times a week (the substrate should dry 1 cm between waterings). In winter, the frequency of water is reduced to once every 10 days.

If everything is done correctly, from the beginning of June to the end of August it will be possible to enjoy the magnificent flowering of a tree. Edible berries will appear after the flowers..

Prior to this, I went around a lot of doctors, but no one could make a diagnosis. Spent at your time and money. Entering the Myrtle Center, I was quickly diagnosed and underwent surgery. Many thanks to Kibirev A.B., who quickly figured out the situation and sent me to the hospital.

On the recommendation of friends, he addressed his problem (compression fracture of the C6 vertebra) to Andrei Borisovich Kibirev after an examination, a decision was made about hospitalization. The department entered 1. 04. 19, at lunch my department Sergei Borisovich Mulin came to my room and told in detail what treatment they were planning, since.

If the bush is constantly warm, then mealybugs, thrips, whiteflies, spider mites.

The culture needs high air humidity, in connection with this, in spring, summer and autumn, the bush is systematically moistened with a spray bottle, using well-settled and soft water for this. No need to moisten it during cold wintering.

The genus Myrtle (Myrtus) is a member of the Myrtle family and unites from about 20 to 40 species. In wild conditions, myrtle can be found on almost all continents, namely: in the USA in the state of Florida, in Europe off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in West Africa and in North America. This genus is represented by low evergreen trees or shrubs. One-piece, oppositely layered leaf blades are leathery to the touch. The flowers grow from the axils of the leaves, they are collected in short racemose inflorescences, they can be part of the bunches or grow individually. Such a plant is very popular among gardeners, and it is also used in medicine and perfumery - essential oil is extracted from stems and foliage. If the myrtle is well looked after, it will grow for a very long time at home. Another interesting fact is that the crop has a phytoncide effect..

In home floriculture, Myrtus communis is most often grown with a short branched trunk covered with exfoliating flakes of red-brown bark. The leaves are green, oval-lanceolate, glossy, leathery, with a pleasant aroma. The flowers are white or pale pink with prominent stamens, the fruits are red-black berries. It blooms from June to August. Popular cultivars: "Tarentina" - a compact bush with berries smaller than the original form, but they are much more than ordinary myrtle; the variegated variety has a creamy.

Unfortunately, like any plant, myrtle is susceptible to disease and can be affected by pests. The main causes of deviations in plant development are violations of the rules of care: untimely watering, improper feeding, inappropriate conditions of detention, and damage by insect pests. Under adverse conditions, white leaves may appear on them.

The myrtle plant is the richest storehouse of medicinal properties. It is able to purify the composition of the air, increase immunity, improve mood, soften cough. Its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties are widely known, which are actively used in medicine. From its components are made tinctures used in the treatment of many diseases (among them some diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys, diabetes, sinusitis and other types of cancerous tumors).

If the situation is not corrected in time, then we will have to contemplate.

If this still happened, despite the measures taken, do not rush to get rid of the myrtle tree. Practice shows that in some situations it can be saved. Be sure to try to reanimate the tree, carefully inspect its branches again. If they bend easily, but do not break, then the myrtle may well recover. Undermine the roots a little and examine them too. If the roots of the plant are not completely dry - there is hope for salvation.

"I wrote this book with a greater desire than everyone else. At the same time, I did not embark on any of my books with such fear. I.

The evangelical newspaper Mirt includes analytical materials, articles, information about new publications and much more. Our audience is believers of the gospel churches who are able to think about themselves, about the world around them and about God. The newspaper is distributed free of charge and is issued from donations from readers. If you want to get acquainted with our newspaper, then write to us. Mirt Publishing House is a book for thinking people who seek to shape their beliefs in the Holy Scriptures, want to obey God, and wish to make a healthy assessment of the time in which they live. In the online store you can buy Christian books, buy Christian literature. A partnership for development and management is working with evangelical leaders in four main areas: Training Mentoring Counseling Collaboration.

The purpose of this short book is the outline of Christian teaching and the essence of the gospel. So the book can serve in.

No wonder they say that the Internet was created to save time. Not in all industries this rule applies, but it is just suitable for online recording. Remember the trips to the hospitals earlier. It was necessary to spend a lot of time in order to have a large queue and get to the right doctor. It was necessary to make the case that it would be necessary to do so. Thanks to the global network via the Internet, hospitals are closer to people and more accessible. Now you do not need to queue up, but you can just make an appointment with a phone call or Internet call. With the help of such a record, Mirt can come back to the Kingisepp clinic without a break from work.

Making an appointment with a doctor at the Kingisepp Central Hospital in the Leningrad Region can be done using the global Internet and the Myrtle system. In order to fully understand this procedure, you can familiarize yourself with the detailed manual. The detailed manual consists of the following steps:

There should not be any problem in making an appointment with a doctor. The main thing is to follow the instructions and not back to a single step. An alternative way to visit Kingisepp Hospital is to record a call through its registry. Phones for contact can be found on the web resource. In addition to registering on the site, you can find other useful information. Find out the history of the institution, see the mode of operation and the schedule of doctors, remotely get acquainted with their specialists, and read reviews of clients of the institution. You can also read the latest news..

Despite the availability of an electronic record to the Kingisepp CRH, no one has canceled the traditional recording by calling the clinic's registry. Registry phone numbers: Kingisepp Clinic 8 (813-75) 2-25-32, Kingisepp Clinic 8 (813-75) 2-15-21, Kingisepp 8 (813-75) 2-03-29, Counseling Kingisepp 8 (813) -75) 2-39-42 .

The Myrtle Medical Center on Galichskaya is located in the Central District of Kostroma. This is a multidisciplinary company that offers a wide range of diagnosis and treatment procedures and provides expert advice.

In the medical center on Galichskaya, the services are provided in the following outpatient areas: therapy, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, neurology, cardiology, dermatology, dietetics, traumatology-orthopedics, neurosurgery-vertebrology. The diagnostic procedures are: ECG, BPM, Holter monitoring, EEG, EchoCG, treadmill test, spirometry and ultrasound. In the center, a sampling of tests is carried out, medical commissions are conducted and various types of certificates are issued.

The staff of the Myrtle Medical Center on Galichskaya includes the leading specialists of the city. The technical component of the clinic is represented by modern medical equipment from General Electric companies. The head doctor Kibirev A. B.

The most convenient way to get to the Myrtle Medical Center on Galichskaya is by bus No. 102, 105, 109, trolleybus No. 2, 9 or minibus No. 49, 99. When you get to the Peace Pl. ", You need to proceed to building number 3. You can cover this distance on foot in 4 - 5 minutes.

Sand, peat, turf and humus land. Everything is taken in equal parts and mixed. Sand, sod, humus, clay, peat land (1: 2: 2: 2: 2).

With proper care and maintenance of the plant in favorable conditions for it, no diseases and pests will affect it.

Watering myrtle. Water the tree in spring and summer abundantly, as soon as the topsoil dries. In winter, in a cool room, the frequency and abundance of watering decreases. In no case should not allow the drying of an earthen coma! Otherwise, leaves from an indoor plant can fly around, dry in twigs. If the soil is still dry, place the pot for several minutes in a container of water. Also, the soil must not be allowed to remain wet all the time. Constant waterlogging of the soil can lead to rotting of the roots. Water for irrigation is used for one day..

The evergreen woody myrtle plant belongs to the Myrtle family. In nature, these are trees or shrubs that can reach three meters in height. Lovers of indoor plants willingly grow a beautiful tree in their homes. Knowing how to care for myrtle properly, you can get a plant of optimal shape, which will decorate the house with its leathery small leaves and simple gold terry fragrant flowers.

Having at the disposal of a variety of materials and various techniques, we create elaborate classical interiors. Therefore, do not limit your imagination.

At the main office of MIRT in Kiev, we will welcome each visitor and conduct a tour. And over a cup of aromatic coffee, we will show the interiors and decor masterfully developed by our team. There really is something to be impressed with.!

The classic style meeting room is made entirely of noble oak. Luxuriously carved furniture, carved cornices, wooden wall panels, marble floor - all this is the skill of the hands of our talented craftsmen.

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